Guillermo Flores V

Software Engineer

My name is Guillermo Flores V and I am a full-stack engineer. I hold a BS in Computer Science (concentration in Software Engineering) from California State University, Monterey Bay.

During my time at CSUMB, I had two (2) internships, both with (at the time) Facebook, now know as Meta. I also started to contribute to open source software through a new project at freeCodeCamp currently known as Classroom Mode.
Work experience
Logo of free code camp
Currently, I am a volunteer contributor @ freeCodeCamp. I am working on the Classroom Mode project as a fullstack developer and have been working on it since January 2022. The project introduced me to NextJS, the framework this website is currently using!
Logo of Facebook
During my time at Facebook, I worked under the Messenger Commerce team (MCOM). I was an full-stack intern working mainly with React, GraphQL, and Hack. I created a GraphQL query to be able to handle multiple mutations at once as well as developed the UI for users to be able to use this query. I worked alongside my manager, mentors, and the team product designer to build the feature.

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